Hi, I'm Wouter, a passionate PHP developer living in Ghent, Belgium. During the day, I work at Sumocoders. At night, I'm also a freelance developer. I mainly work using the Symfony Framework, Fork CMS, or Silex for smaller projects.

I'm also an active open source contributor. I'm one of the core developers of Fork CMS. I've also supplied pieces of code and documentation in lots of other projects.

Some of my projects

Webshop for Lidl.

The christmas webshop: Lidl Delicieux was made in collaboration with Tagz.be.

Website for Lélé.

The new website for Lélé, based on the drawings of the client.

Using Symfony components in Fork CMS.

This is a talk I've given at a Fork CMS meetup.

Module maker for Fork CMS.

A tool to make developing Fork modules a lot more convenient.